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How to Reach the Money Stages of the Poker Room Lucky Dollar

• Dealer’s Choice or One Game: At the outset of a poker session, players should decide whether to play several games or one game throughout the night. It you play various games, it is the “dealer’s choice” as to what game will be played.

• If playing dealers choice, the dealer decides what game will be played and also if there will be any wild cards. สล็อต

• The dealer should call out the action as it happens. When dealing a stud game, it is customary to call out what has been dealt, what the potential hands are, and who starts the betting.

• The dealer should keep the game moving. If a player is not paying attention, or is moving too slowly, the dealer can speak up and get the action going again. When it is your turn to deal,don’t dawdle — decide your game and deal.

• Think of the dealer as the table’s benevolent dictator. It is the dealer’s role to know what is going on at all times at the table. The dealer is in charge and can exercise authority by pointing out bad poker etiquette. He or she should feel free to keep players “in line”.

• It is in the dealer’s (and the game’s) best interest to shuffle and to deal carefully. When dealing, never expose the bottom cards or the cards being dealt.
A glimpse at one card can affect the way everyone is playing. Learn how to shuffle discretely. Good shufflers never let the cards leave the table.

• Banker: The group needs to choose a player to be the banker. This person is responsible for collecting money and exchanging it for chips. At the end of the night, or when a player cashes out, the banker collects the chips and doles back whatever each player has earned.

• House Rules: If you are the host and you have particularly strong feelings about certain aspects of poker, then you can declare House Rules. For instance, House Rules might dictate whether Aces are only high for all games or if check-raising is allowed. In addition, House Rules might also be used to establish what rules the dealer needs to address before each hand. The declaration of these guidelines will prevent any disputes over the pot, or any other confusion.

• Final Arbiter: If you are starting out, it’s good to keep a book of rules around to settle any disputes — better yet, keep these handy cards around!

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